6N-6598: 107.95mm Long Fan Adapter

6N-6598: 107.95mm Long Fan Adapter

557-4575: Belt Guard

557-4575: Belt Guard

380-3121: Belt Tightener Arm

Cat Belt Tightener Arm used in Fan Drive
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A Belt Tightener Arm is a component used in engines and equipment that rely on Belts to transfer power. The Pivot point allows the arm to move in a circular motion, while the tensioning pulley is mounted on the end of the arm. When the arm is rotated, the pulley moves closer to or further away from the Belt, increasing or decreasing its tension.

? Helps in optimizing efficiency by reducing energy loss.
? Reduces wear and tear on the Belt by maintaining required tension.

A Belt Tightener Arm is used to maintain the correct tension of the Belt by applying a force to it, preventing it from slipping or coming off its pulleys, predominantly used in Cat 777, 777B, 777C, 777D, 777E, 777F, and 777G Trucks.
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Short Description Cat Belt Tightener Arm used in Fan Drive
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