569-2751: 8PK Serpentine Belt

569-2751: 8PK Serpentine Belt

7C-4165: 75mm Inner Diameter Adapter

7C-4165: 75mm Inner Diameter Adapter

215-3291: Tightener Pulley

Cat Tightener Pulley Diameter 115mm
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A tightener pulley in automotive refers to a pulley system that is used to maintain tension on a serpentine belt or other types of drive belts in a vehicle's engine. The pulley is designed to rotate freely on a bearing, allowing it to maintain constant tension on the belt as the engine runs.

? Tightener pulleys are made of high-quality materials like steel, and aluminum.
? Unique design, usually with a smooth or grooved surface to provide proper grip and tension to the belt.

This helps to prevent slipping or slack in the belt, which can cause poor performance, overheating, and other mechanical issues and it is widely used in Cat 973C and 973D Track Loader, D6R, and D6T Track Type Tractor.
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Short Description Cat Tightener Pulley Diameter 115mm
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